Help your employees work safely and productively from home

Safely WFH is an all-encompassing risk assessment tool, safety checklist and education App that identifies and records WFH risks.

What does SWFH cover?

The key purpose of the Safely WFH tool is to ensure all employees are aware of how to self-assess and follow the correct steps to ensure their home office and remote working conditions are safe, conducive to a connected and productive work environment, and also comply with safe work conditions.

Getting into a work routine and ensuring your home office is set up for success

Staying connected with your colleagues and friends

Ergonomics practices and workstation management

Workstation and environmental WFH factors

Emergency planning and family considerations

Self-care while working remotely from home


Consistently assess the safety of your workforce’s home office and safe WFH practices and comply with the workplace health and safety regulations.

Safely WFH is a highly engaging, interactive online risk assessment tool, safety checklist and an eLearning tool all rolled into one App. Your workforce can consistently and systematically step through a self-assessment via the online App and identify the key safety action points individuals need to implement to comply with WFH health and safety requirements.


Provide your workforce with tangible guidance and practical steps to create a safe, supportive and productive WFH environment with an interactive eLearning App.

Engage your workers in the topics of safely working from home with animated interactive scenario pathways, practical individualised feedback and further information for each section. Users will be able to systematically compile and download their individual action plan with areas they need to remedy to ensure their home office and work from home practices are safe, socially connected, productive and compliant.


Automatically report on workforce participation, measure completion results and track individual workplace health and safety compliance.

Record participation and completion via a Learning Management System (LMS) and generate individual and cohort compliance reports. The systematically produced personalised ‘action plan’ gives staff and supervisors valuable information to help ensure your workforce is staying connected, maintaining productivity and safely set up to work from home.

Industry-vetted from a legal, HR and WHS point of view for suitability for large and small disbursed remote working teams

This WFH tool was developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading organisations, who each contributed industry experts from an ergonomic, social welfare, human resources, and also from a health and safety point of view. All contributors had a shared goal – to help manage the workplace health and well-being for large cohorts of workers having to adapt to remotely working from home.

Safely WFH provides your disbursed and diverse workforce with an engaging, accessible and industry-vetted App that is customisable to your specific brand and operational context.

Partner Program

Safely Working From Home (WFH) and Safely Returning to Work (RTW) are two premium online applications and education tools with a global reach, designed to keep workplaces safe, productive and socially connected.

If you would like to express interest in becoming an authorised partner for your country or industry sector, please email:

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Features and Specifications

HTML output and published as SCORM package

Compatible with all current internet browsers

Supported by all SCORM compliant LMS platforms

WCAG accessible

Adheres to sound adult learning principles

Customisations and branding options available

Use your LMS or license our LMS

Licensing fees based on number of users and customisations